Arnebia Soap (small)


– Combination of a variety of plant extracts, refreshing and natural
– Hand-made to retain all the health benefits of arnebia
– Thorough cleaning of the skin
– Repairs the skin
– Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
– Alleviates eczema, acne and sensitive skin

– ECOK’s arnebia soap extracts arnebia root essence, mixed with marigold, lavender as well as other plants and herbs
-Established in 1985, our professional soap manufacturer does not use chemical fragrances, stabilizers, preservatives, dyes and other ingredients, and specializes in producing soaps that are gentle to the skin
– We utilise the traditional production method of slowly heating the ingredients in a large pot, then allowing it to dry naturally and mature slowly. From start to completion, the time taken for the soap to gradually mature can range from weeks to months
– Being rich in glycerin, the soap effectively locks moisture in the skin, leaving it smooth and healthy
– This soap that does not make the skin tight and uncomfortable in the winter has been unanimously praised by users with sensitive skin
– The medicinal effect of arnebia roots can relieve skin symptoms such as heat rash and eczema

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