Bamboo Charcoal King 200g


– Absorbs harmful substances
– Anti-odour
– Moisture absorption, anti-mold
– Get rid of dust mites, termites and other insects
– 3x the effectiveness of ordinary bamboo charcoal

– Patented technology by Charcoalhouse; the effectiveness is 3 times stronger than ordinary bamboo charcoal
– Bamboo charcoal has a porous structure. These net-like pores can quickly absorb the carcinogens and harmful gases of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as Formaldehyde, Toluene released by new furniture, houses, and cars, while also removing odors and peculiar smells
– This porous structure of bamboo charcoal can also absorb moisture and prevent mold growth on clothes, leather bags, belts, etc
– Bamboo charcoal can maintain a dry environment and achieve the effect of repelling insects and preventing mites. When the wood humidity is low, it is not easy to rot or be infested by termites
– Releases negative ions to purify the air
– Bamboo charcoal is conductive, enabling it to block part of the electromagnetic wave radiation and reduce its harm to the human body

Instructions for use:
– Place in closets, refrigerators, shoe cabinets, etc.
– Double the charcoal packs for new cabinets or damp places
– Effectiveness last for one year

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