Bamboo Vinegar Soap


– Removes odour, antibacterial and relieves itching
– Skin-whitening
– Moisturizing
– Softens keratin
– Lighten dark spots and age spots
– Suitable for any types of skin

– Bamboo vinegar is the liquid essence collected when bamboo charcoal is burned. It contains more than 200 organic components and has the effects of odour removing, sterilizing, softening keratin, and whitening skin
– Bamboo vinegar soap is made from refined bamboo vinegar, and it removes aging stratum corneum, moisturizes the skin, antibacterial and relieves skin itching.
– It also alleviates eczema, sweat spots, soothes sensitive and dry skin, reducing acne, dilute dark spots and age spots, and makes the skin smooth, whitened and elastic

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