Cooling Charcoal Pillow


– Special cooling fabric, 2-3 degrees lower than normal temperature
– Cooling and comfortable, with good body support
– Releases far infrared rays to promote blood circulation and metabolism
– Multifunctionality: can be used as small pillow, back pillow and foot pillow

What is bamboo charcoal?
-Bamboo charcoal is bamboo processed by high-temperature anaerobic carbonization technology. It is porous and highly adsorbable, and releases a large amount of far infrared rays and negative ions
– It promotes blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, adsorps harmful substances, purifies the air, and blocks electromagnetic radiation
– Charcoalhouse’s bamboo charcoal is made of the premium mōsō bamboo, processed by Japanese advanced earth kiln carbonization technology, 100% natural with no chemical additives

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