Loess Massage Slippers


– Releases far-infrared rays (FIRs) to promote blood circulation and metabolism
– The FIRs push out wastes from the pores to detoxify the blood
– DIY massage to eliminate foot fatigue
– Relieves soreness, numbness, coldness, cramps and swelling of the feet
– Can be basked and washed frequently

What is Loess?
– In some parts of the world, windblown dust and silt blanket the land. This layer of fine, mineral-rich material is called loess. Loess occupies 10% of the earth’s surface and contains rich minerals needed by the human body. It is a natural health product, and when appropriately refined and processed, it has a wide range of uses
– Even in ancient China and Joseon, the Chinese “”Compendium of Materia Medica”” and Korea’s “”Dongui Bogam”” recognises its remarkable benefits
– Wearing the loess slippers for 2 hours is equivalent to doing a 45-minute foot massage. You can drink a glass of warm water before and after for better detoxification
– Releases far-infrared rays and negative ions to promote blood circulation and metabolism, which expels toxins, relieves pain and fatigue, boosting our immune system
– The pleasant DIY foot massage stimulates and massages the 67 acupressure points on the feet, removing heavy metals and toxins accumulated on the feet


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