Magnetic Therapy Energy Mattress Protector


– Soothes the nerves to fall asleep quickly
– Prevents illnesses
– Relieves soreness
– Eliminates stress and fatigue
– Promotes blood circulation to dispel blood stasis

– The ECOK Magnetic Therapy Energy Mattress is a marvelous mattress that perfectly integrates the Korean health culture and modern physiotherapy technology
– It is composed of countless checkered-shaped energy cells. Each energy cell is made up of bio-magnetic energy lines and tourmaline. Once the cells are compressed by the human body, the negative ions, far-infrared rays, selenium, and magnetic fields start to take effect. It creates an environment that continuously releases energy to the human body, helping cells to repair, detoxifies and changes the body condition, and all these take place in the background when you are sleeping, giving you a healthier body

The Human Body and Magnetic Fields:
– There is an extremely weak magnetic field within the human body, and normal geomagnetism keeps the human body in a good electromagnetic balance
– If the magnetic field is too large, such as being near a high-voltage line for a long time, the blood circulation and nervous system are more likely to experience pathological changes
– If the magnetic field is too small, such as living in a tall building for a long time, the reinforced concrete in the wall of the building blocks the geomagnetism, causing the human body to lack magnetism and reducing blood circulation
– Hence, without a balanced magnetic environment, humans are more prone to diseases
– Our ECOK Magnetic Therapy Energy Mattress therefore supplements the required bio-magnetism for the body


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