Negative Ion Necklace


Releases negative ions to:
– Reduce shoulder and neck pain, numbness and stiffness
– Relieve stress and fatigue, keeps your mind clear
– Shield against electromagnetic wave radiation
– Promote metabolism and anti-aging

– Negative ions are known as the “vitamins of the air”. When you take a walk in natural environment such as forests, waterfalls and seasides, you will feel pleasant and your breathing is comfortable. This is because the air in such locations contains an abundance of negative ions, which makes the air extraordinarily fresh
– When the number of negative ions per cubic meter in the air reaches 1000, the human body will feel comfortable, and when it reaches 2000, our immunity is enhanced and can alleviate health problems
-Our Negative Ion Necklace converts the moisture in the air into negative ions through the tourmaline

Necklace Models

Coloured Glaze, Pendant, Men's Styles

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