About Us

ECOK•CHARCOALHOUSE was founded in 2006, we sell a variety of household health products for wear and usage. We have expanded to 4 outlets and 3 department stores across the island. Ever since the beginning, we have been adhering to the vision of helping more people to enhance their health and quality of life through improving their living environment.

Ecok Charcoalhouse

Our Promise

ECOK•CHARCOALHOUSE promises to provide consumers with high-quality household health products with actual benefits. We believe that only through such premium products, paired along with good pre-sales and after-sales service, will create a pool of returning customers and referrals, which ensures the longevity of the brand. 

In addition, we travel to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and mainland China to conduct in-depth inspections of the product manufacturing process and to discuss quality assurance with the manufacturers, as we maintain that our products must meet our high standards.

Our Recognition

We are proud to receive the 2016 Singapore Prestige Brand Award and the 2018 Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award, reinforcing that our brand has maintained a positive reputation and is widely welcomed by Singaporeans.

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