Negative Ion Latex Pillow (Buy 1 get 1 free)


– Natural latex, negative ions are 100% produced by tourmaline
– Strengthens body immunity, balances body acidity, anti-aging
– Comfortable and breathable, good elasticity, spinal correction
– Eases nose sensitivity, reduces headaches, shoulder and neck pains
– Alleviates insomnia and excessive dreaming, fall asleep quickly, maintains deep sleep, and relieves fatigue
– Promotes blood circulation and metabolism
– Increases oxygen in the brain and blood, improves memory, promotes hair growth
– Neutralizes the harm of electromagnetic wave radiation to the human body
– Anti-mite, anti-bacterial

Detailed introduction
-When you walk in natural environments such as forests, waterfalls, etc., you will feel refreshed, refreshed, and refreshed. This is because the air in these places contains a lot of negative ions, which makes the air especially fresh
-When the number of negative ions per cubic meter in the air reaches 1000, the human body will feel comfortable, and 2000 can enhance human immunity and help alleviate health problems
-ECOK•CHARCOALHOUSE uses Japanese nanotechnology to extract various trace element essences from a variety of natural energy stones, and add them to various types of bedding to release a large amount of negative ions, bio-magnetic energy and far infrared rays that the human body urgently needs, helping the human body to maintain health and health.

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